My Pregnancy Journey – 13 Weeks

November 9, 2015
13 Weeks Pregnant

My Pregnancy Journey- 13 Weeks

Last week of the 1st trimester!! Can’t wait to meet this little nugget. Josh and I are still on the path to not find out what the baby will be until Baby Ackerman is born! Luckily the nausea has gone down. But I still get hungry all the time and I don’t want to eat ANYTHING. For someone who used to love food this is very hard, especially when I know I have to eat. Side note: I do eat, a lot. It is just hard process.

Still driving home at 5pm (for my 1 hr commute) is very HARD. I get nauseous during that hour and by the time I get home I do not want to eat anything.

I’m already feeling in the “Nesting” mode and want to have the nursery all ready and done, but got to wait patiently on my slow husband! lol

What is happening to Baby Ackerman at 13 weeks: Peach
• Baby is as big as a Peach!
• Baby is forming vocal cords and teeth!
• Baby is still tiny but has fingerprints!
• Baby’s intestines are moving from the umbilical cord to their more permanent place,  in the tummy.
• Baby is 2.9″ long and weighs .81 oz.

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