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Princess Wedding

Hey, I’m Johanna. I’m a twenty-something Newlywed married to a great man named Josh who doesn’t mind my obsessive creative habits. My relationship with parties, decor and snacks have led me here. I hope I can show you how easy it can be to create beautiful things.

First off… you should know that I’m a horrible speller and horrible with grammar. My mind is constantly changing and thinking about my next project that I just write the way I think. In advance, I’m sorry for that!

I’m never really satisfied unless I am working on something. Even right now as I type this was supposed to be my relaxing time just watching TV, lol.

I’m blessed to be a party of a big family and I have 6 sisters! 1 is married to my brother but counts! Seems like us 3 older sisters are at the point in our lives when things really start to happen. My one and only oldest brother is no expecting their 4th child, my oldest sister is married and they are expecting their first and I just got married on 5-15-15. Yes, 5-15-15 at 5:15pm. Who can forget that date?!  I also have twin sisters who are borderline in their twenties and in college trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives. I call my 17 year old sister my “mini me” except she has outgrown that but we still understand each other! At las, the baby of the family is 13 and probably the smartest one of us all!
Campbell Family Sisters

I forgot to mention that I come from a split home. I was born in Illinois but my parents divorced when I was young. Then my mom met a wonderful man named David or “Nonno” (grandpa; pronounced Nano)  as he is called. My mom and step dad packed up me and my older sister and moved to Texas while my brother stayed with my dad in Illinois.

I claim residence to Texas because I grew up there, 16 years.

Anyway time changed, got 4 more sisters, and  I graduated with a degree in advertising and moved back home to be closer to my family (my mom and step dad moved back while I was in college). And this is where I met the love of my life Josh!

That’s all I have for now but I will update with said update posts when they become available.

Oh, here is my child:
The cutesiest Yorkiepoo - Lyulu

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