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Spring Peony and Magnolia Arrangement

March 23, 2017
Spring Peony and Magnolia Arrangement

Spring Peony and Magnolia Arrangement

I have a love affair with peonies. I just want them in my house year around. I have about 5 peony bushes at my home. Ants are the ones that eat at the peony bushes and that is what makes the flowers open up. Therefore, it never fails when I try and have fresh peony flowers from my garden I also get those pesky ants.

I decided to go with a faux peony arrangement this year. Looked online and everything was so expensive so I decided to make one myself!

Found flowers on and the quality looked good so I decided to give them a try.

Here is my arrangement:Spring Peony and Magnolia Arrangement

These are the flowers you would need to create this look:
Spring Peony Arrangement
1 | 2 | 3 | 4

I used 3 Lambs ear, 2 of the Magnolia branches and 1 of each peonies bunches.
The vase I got in 2015 from Pottery Barn. You can get a similar one here

• I cut the peonies off their “base” using wire cutters. (I purchased wire cutters at Lowes)
• I use plastic cups to hole my arrangement in vases (that aren’t glass). They will hold you arrangements pretty good and you can adjust the height of your arrangement by adding/subtracting cups!

Spring Peony and Magnolia Arrangement
• I put together the arrangement in my hand first to arrange it
• Cut off extra length that you don’t need



Not feeling the DIY? Here are some that you can purchase

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Pink Peonies Nursery Hack

January 13, 2017
Darling I love you I love you I love you


Pink Peonies Nursery Hack

One of my favorite blogs to follow is Pink Peonies. I just love her style! But let’s face it.. I don’t have the money to spend on the beautiful stuff she has in her house or the clothes she wears!

I fell in love with her little girl’s nursery, especially this I love you sign

Pink Peonies

So I immediately searched her blog to see where she got it. To my dismay, she got it from SugarBoo & Co- a fabulous store, if you have the money. This sign was $700! I couldn’t believe it.

I put my graphic skills to work and created this myself.

Not too shabby if I say so myself… and for 1/7 of the cost!

Darling I love you I love you I love you

My son Harrison and the “Darling, I love you I love you I love you I love you” Canvas Print

You can purchase my print here:
Darling, I Love You Canvas Print

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When life comes early

July 27, 2016
Harrison James Ackerman


When Life Comes Early

28 weeks pregnant

Wednesday, March 2, 2016– (30 weeks pregnant)

If you are familiar with pregnancy than you know that back pain is a common symptom. I researched son websites that says if you are active in your pregnancy than your back pain can go down. I woke up Thursday morning with some back pain and decided I should go to the gym and walk. Just did my typical pregnancy walk on the treadmill at a speed of 2.7 for 20 min. Nothing too fancy and nothing too stressful. Then I went to work.

Around 11am my back was still hurting so I gave my mom a call. It was a dull pain, about a 4-5 on the pain scale. It felt like the same pain I get during that time of the month. My mom told me that I needed to go in and get checked. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal cause I have had such an easy pregnancy and I wasn’t spotting or anything.

Abound 3pm I thought I might be getting some cramps in the front but I wasn’t too sure.  I decided to leave work early and go home. I told my co-worker Kyle that I was going to go home cause my back was hurting but don’t worry it’s not labor (little did I know!)

It takes me an hour to get home from work and I had an hour until my husband got home. I was still in that 4-5 range of pain but I really wanted some chocolate icing. I had to hurry and make some before my husband got home so he wouldn’t see me just eating icing, lol.

I laid down and called my mom again to tell her that I was still in pain. She told me that I need to go in. She said that if I didn’t go she was going to come pick me up herself and take me in. It was after 5pm when I called my OBGYN’s office. I left a message for the on-call doctor. She called me back 10 min later and I explained my pain to her and she said that was typical for my stage in pregnancy and to lay down and see if that would help and if I wanted to I could come in but she didn’t seem to worried about it. I laid on my side for about and hour and still had some pain.

The pain that I was experiencing was constant back pain with what felt like muscle spasms in the front.

I called the OB Emergency Room phone number and talked to the nurse who said that was typical and asked if I was spotting and I told her no. She said if it got worse to come in. I called my mom again to update her and she begged me to go in.

My husband was out talking to the neighbor and I waited until he was done and told him I think that we should go to the OB ER to get checked out. He said okay and we got in the car and left.

I checked in around 7pm. The nurse said that bladder infections could cause spasms so I peed in a cup to get that tested. They then hooked my belly up to a monitor. The OB ER doctor came in and explained that it could be a bladder infection, kidney infection or dehydrated that would cause the spasms. They gave me some IV fluids while the test for the bladder/kidney infection was sent off. All this time I was about a 5-6 on the pain scale. This time the “spasms” were coming and going. The monitor on my belly that shows contractions was going up and down according to my spasms. Luckily, my mom was in town for church and was able to come to the ER to be with my husband and I. The IV fluid went right through me really fast and they started another one. Well after 2 bags of IV fluid and well hydrated, my spasms were going down.

Around 10pm the doctor came back in and let me know that I was negative for a bladder infection (which I could have told him because it didn’t hurt when I peed, lol but whatever). He explained again that it could be cause I was dehydrated and/or braxton hicks(fake contractions). The ER Dr gave me an ambient to be able to sleep and discharged me a little after 10. My mom headed back home (she lived about 1.3 hrs away) and we headed back to our house.

My husband got on his playstation to play with his friend Chris while I took a bath. I know what you are thinking… he gave you an ambient at the hospital and you weren’t asleep by the time you got home..  YEP! So I took my first bath. While I was getting ready for the bath I got nauseous and threw up. I didn’t think much of it. I just thought I was hungry because I didn’t eat any dinner. I called out to Josh and asked him to make me a peanut butter sandwich cause I was hungry. He made me a sandwich and then took a melatonin to help him get to sleep. I called back to the ER nurse and let her know that I threw up and asked if I needed to come back in. She said that was probably just cause I didn’t eat any dinner.

I laid down in bed and was still in some pain. I decided to take another bath. This time I had a little  light brown discharge but it didn’t look anything like blood. My pain was back to the 5-6  on the scale. I called back again to the ER nurse and told her that and she said if I wanted to come back in that I could but she didn’t seem to concerned.

So around 11pm I went into our room and woke Josh up and told him I think we need to go back in. He asked if I was sure and I said yep. He got up without complaining and we got in the car and headed back to the hospital. On the car ride to the hospital my pain went from a 5-6 to about an 8. I was crying and I told Josh that if this wasn’t labor I don’t think I could handle it.

I can handle pain pretty well, but at this time I was doing my “Hmmmmmm high pitch grunts” trying to suppress the sound. The nurse came in to the room and began to hook me back up to the monitor. She kept moving the monitor around on my belly and I asked her if anything was wrong and she said that the baby’s heartrate was measuring over 200 but that it was probably just picking up mine and his. At the same time the DR. came back in and was like “oh you feeling worse”. At this same time I’m screaming “hmmmmm” as low as I could (without screaming loud). I was thinking, um DUH, don’t you hear me screaming?

He told me he was going to check to see if I was dilated. I can still picture his face as soon as he checked. He got up real quick and told the nurse that I was 8cm dilated and fully effaced. He told me that I was probably going to be having the baby tonight. I was crying/screaming that it was too early and made Josh call my mom and his parents. My mom had just gotten home and she got in her car and headed back.

The start of the chaos– another nurse came in the room and tried to start an IV. The DR came back in the room with the ultrasound machine and said he was going to see if the baby was in the right position to deliver. Well the Dr couldn’t figure out how to get it turned on. At the same time the nurse was having trouble getting the IV started. There was also another nurse in the room trying to get me admitted by asking a million questions really fast. The Dr. finally figured out how to turn the ultrasound machine on and put it on my belly. I swear he really didn’t see and anything because I looked at the screen and it was just black. He said the baby was in the right position.

We then moved to the labor and delivery room. They hooked tried to hook my baby back up to the monitor and found that the baby’s heartrate dropped to 70. The dr. said they were going to have to do an emergency C-section and since it was an emergency my husband couldn’t go with us. My husband later told me that all of a sudden the room flooded with people and they took me away.

I remember being rushed down the hall and my husband running out telling me he loved me.

I thought I heard the nurses talking and saying that the on call dr was 20 mins out and I was worried the baby wouldn’t live that long for the dr. to get there.

We got to the room and I had to move to the surgical or whatever you call it bed. All the time they were trying to get all the stuff set up and the anesthesiologist got the oxygen mask on me when I felt a rush of fluid. I thought that it was blood and that I was dying. Not to mention the fact that one of them screamed to go get the father. So, here I am 30 weeks pregnant,  my baby’s heartrate is 70 and I am dying. I thought that my husband was going to have to make the decision to save me or the baby. We just had discussed this a week earlier and I made Josh promise me that he would choose the baby.  Side note- it turned out to be my water that broke but at the time I didn’t know that.

My husband got in the room and he later told me that they were standing there saying “what do you think we should do, should we have her push? Yah lets give that a try”

They told me to push. My first “push” was more of a scream and not a push, I even realized this. They told me less screaming and more pushing. Two pushes later the baby was out and they took it away. I don’t remember seeing or hearing it. Josh later told me that the baby came out blue. We didn’t find out the sex of the baby so I was asking if the baby was okay. Finally they told me that it was and then I asked if it was a boy or a girl. It was a BOY!!! They were taking the baby out of the room but they did allow me to see him and give him a kiss before they took him.

Newborn Baby


Just so you understand how fast everything moved. My husband called his parents when we got to the labor and delivery room at 12pm and he told them that we might be having the baby. Harrison James Ackerman was born at 12:07am… in 7 min from the phone call with his parents.

Since it happen so fast they were unable to give me a shot that would have helped his lungs develop. I was unable to get any medicine for pain. I had him all natural. After he was delivered I remember the anesthesiologist coming over to me and said “I just put the oxygen mask on you, I’m not even going to charge you for that!” I thought that was pretty funny.

Side note- Poor josh was in shock while it was happening and the nurses had to tell him to pull his phone out to take some pictures. Some of which I had to delete from his phone for the inappropriate angles! lol

Meet Harrison James Ackerman, born 12:07am on March 3, 2016 weighing 3lbs 4.9oz and 16.25″ long.

Harrison James Ackerman

It was a long struggle in the NICU but we had the best doctors and nurses around.

It was about 3 days before we were able to hold him. It was the best feeling in the world.

First Time Josh got to hold Harrison First Time I got to hold Harrison


Our little guy was a fighter and strong! Little man blew out all his IV spots within 6 days so they decided to try and see if he could go without it. They gradually increased his feedings and was able to stay off the IV. That was basically our motto throughout our NICU stay… “Lets see if he can do without this…”

Harrison James Ackerman

He grew and grew getting stronger every day. We did have some set backs but he always pulled through.

The nurses in the NICU were amazing and they were so kind and supportive and we felt like we were leaving him in good hands every time we had to leave at night.

He spent 70 days in the St. Mary’s NICU and finally got to go home May 12, 2016.

Leaving the Hospital

Harrison James, now almost 5 months, is about 15 lbs of pure chubbiness and cuteness! We couldn’t be more proud of him.

It has been a long journey but we just thank God that we were able to keep him on Earth with us when it could have easily turned out different. My prayer for Harrison ever day has been “Let every breath he breathes bring praise and worship to God”

Harrison James Ackerman 4 months

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Paw Patrol Birthday Party

February 10, 2016
Paw Patrol Birthday Party Invitation

Paw Patrol Birthday Party

I was blessed to get to design another birthday party for my twin niece and nephew! This year, Brooks is in LOVE with Paw Patrol (as most kids are these days!) So that is where the theme came from.

I would with my sister-in-law Keyna to design a great party off of her ideas.

Here is the Paw Patrol Birthday Invitation:
If you would like to purchase this design you can get the digital version for $15 HERE or you can let us print them for you with 25 cards starting at $39.99 HERE

Paw Patrol Birthday Party Invitation

Paw Patrol Birthday Party Invitation

Next came the table decorations. My sister-in-law found these decorations on Etsy and she wanted me to make her some similar:

Here are the ones that I created:

Paw Patrol Birthday Centerpieces

Paw Patrol Birthday Centerpieces

Paw Patrol Birthday Centerpieces

Paw Patrol Birthday Centerpieces

Paw Patrol Birthday Centerpieces

Paw Patrol Birthday Centerpieces

You can purchase the ones already put together by that Etsy seller for $15 a piece or if you want to save some money and DIY you can download the files from my Etsy account for $9.99 and make them yourself!

The centerpieces on my Etsy account come with everything you need for ages 1-5.

Paw Patrol Characters included:
• Chase
• Rocky
• Skye
• Marshall
• Ryder
• Zuma
• Rubble

Includes Images for 1st- 5th birthdays.

Purchase the Popcorn buckets here:

Purchase Dowel Rods Here :

Purchase White stuffing here:

TIP: I used small ramekins in each box to keep them from tipping over.

My sister-in-law used dog bowls to put the food in them, I thought that was a great idea!

Paw Patrol Party Ideas

Paw Patrol Party Ideas


She also had the cutest cake created for the party:

Paw Patrol Birthday Cake

Paw Patrol Birthday Cake


Instead of treat bags we did an “adopt a puppy” where the kids got their own stuffed animals. I believe she got the dogs from Oriental Trading.

Paw Patrol Adopt a Puppy

Paw Patrol Adopt a Puppy

I created this “Help Save The Day by Adopting a Puppy” Sign that can be instantly downloaded for $5 on my Etsy shop. I also created a Adoption Certificate that can also be purchased for $5 on my shop and then you can print out as many as you need!

Paw Patrol Adoption Certificate

Paw Patrol Adoption Certificate

Paw Patrol Adopt A Puppy

The Adopt a Puppy was a HUGE hit with all the kids!


Other Paw Patrol Party Ideas:

Paw Patrol Birthday Party

Paw Patrol Birthday Party

DIY Paw Patrol Cupcake Toppers for $5

Paw Patrol Cupcake Toppers

Paw Patrol Cupcake Toppers

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Old Time Fudge Recipe

November 21, 2015
Old Fashion Fudge Recipes

Old Time Fudge Recipe

I can still picture my grandpa sitting on his stool and beating the fudge in his pan. He made it every year just for me because I love LOVE LOVE FUDGE! So here is the old time recipe with some helpful tips to make sure it turns out!

Rosie’s FudgeOld Fashion Fudge Recipes

• 2 cups Sugar
• 1 cup Brown Sugar (light)
• 1 1/2 cup Heavy Whipping Cream
• 3 Tablespoons Cocoa
• 3 Tablespoons Light Corn Syrup
• 2 Tablespoons Unsalted Butter

Prepare your pan that you will use by taking the remainder stick off butter and rub it around the sauce pan edges. This will help prevent the fudge from crystalizing too much. I also do this to the pan that the fudge will go into.
I use two methods to test the fudge. The first one is the candy thermometer and the next is the water test. Prepare your testing tools by getting a clear glass and filling it with some water.

  1. In your prepared sauce pan add the sugar, brown sugar, heavy whipping cream and cocoa.
  2. Stir the ingredients until you bring to a boil. ONCE YOU BRING TO A BOIL DO NOT STIR ANYMORE.
  3. Once you bring to a boil, add 3 tablespoons of light corn syrup
  4. Use your candy thermometer and once it hits the “soft-ball” mark, take a spoon and get some fudge and then let it drip into the glass of water, if it clumps together than it is done!
    Old Fashion Fudge Recipes
  5. Remove from heat and drop in the 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter. DO NOT STIR.butter
  6. Let the butter melt. Once melted start beating the fudge. Make sure to add some air into the fudge while you beat it.
  7. Once it start gets to hard you can put it into your pan.
  8. Let it cool in room temperature.

Old Fashion Fudge Recipes

Fudge Troubleshooting

Fudge that won’t harden
If you keep beating the fudge mixture and it just won’t harden, you likely undercooked it. Make sure you reach the soft ball stage. That is why I use two methods to check the fudge.
Humidity also affects the crystallization of the fudge. Sugar is attracted to moisture, so on a really humid day, some moisture from the air will be absorbed into your fudge. If there is too much moisture present, it will dissolve your sucrose crystals and not allow your fudge to set. If you in a humid area, you may need to cook your sugar a few degrees higher to make up for this.

Fudge that is TOO HARD
You overcooked the fudge. Make sure to not go over that “soft-ball” mark.

Gritty Fudge
This could be caused by a coupe of different things:
1. You stirred while it was bowling.
2. You cooled the fudge too quickly by putting it in the refrigerator or freezer.
3. You forgot to add the corn syrup while boiling. Or you added it too early.

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Maternity Fashion Fall Essentials

November 20, 2015
Fall Maternity Fashion

Maternity Fashion Fall Essentials

If your like me and your “pre-pregnancy” pants were already tight, then you might be struggling with what pants to wear. I went out and bought a couple of the Jessica Simpson jeans that are super cute but they have that band that goes up and over your belly bump. However, at only 15 weeks I hardly have a good baby bump. That is when I discovered these amazing maternity jeans from ASOS. They have an expandable waist band at the hips that allow you to grow throughout your pregnancy. Also, on the inside of the waist band there are two buttons that allow you to shrink or expand the elastic. These jeans are so comfortable I’m gonna buy some more like them! These will also be perfect for that “POST-BABY” time when your regular jeans don’t fit but you don’t want to wear the other maternity pants.

Maternity Jeans

Mamalicious Ida Skinny Jegging – ASOS $58

Maternity Jeans

Mamalicious Ida Skinny Jegging – ASOS $58


Another one of my ASOS finds is their T-shirt packs that give you some essential shirts that you can easily pair with jackets and cardigans that you had pre-baby.

New Look Maternity 3 Pack Top - $36.00

New Look Maternity 3 Pack Top – $36.00

New Look Maternity T-Shirt 3 Pack - $29.00

New Look Maternity T-Shirt 3 Pack – $29.00

Here are some of my Top Fall Maternity Looks:


Fall Maternity Fashion

Fall Maternity Fashion- Dress– ASOS $47, Jacket– Jessica Simpson $69.99, Necklace– Stella & Dot $79, Boots– Aldo $140

Fall Maternity Look

Fall Maternity Look- Dress– TopShop $68, Boots– Kirstin Cavallarie $349, Necklace– Stella & Dot $69

Fall Maternity Fashion

Fall Maternity Look: Dress– ASOS $86, Boots– Jessica Simpson $99.99, Purse– ASOS $69, Necklace– Stella & Dot $138

Fall Maternity Look

Fall Maternity Look: Jeans– ASOS $58, Shirt– Topshop $40, Shoes– Lulu’s $43, Necklace– Stella & Dot $128

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A Fashion Mom With A Stay At Home Problem

November 10, 2015

A Fashion Mom With A Stay At Home Problem

My super stylish beautiful sister-in-law is the proud mother of 4 beautiful children! She has recently started selling Stella & Dot Jewelry and has created a Facebook page in which she showcases how to style the Jewelry with different outfits from casual to dressy. Her Facebook page is called “A Fashion Mom With A Stay At Home Problem

A Fashion Mom With A Stay At Home Problem

Be sure to follow her page to get the latest style tips and all the great deals on Stella & Dot Jewelry.

Here are some of her latest style tips:

Stella & Dot Jewelry

The Raven…it’s the reason I fell in love with Stella & Dot….
I love it paired with this casual black dress and this two tone boucle vest

Stella & Dot Jewelry

Today I chose the mixed metal Sutton necklace with a white tee, Mavi distressed jeans and a flannel shirt tied around my waist.


Stella & Dot Jewelry

Enjoying this beautiful day outside with the kids sporting the Milana tassel bracelet, boyfriend jeans and comfy sweater.


Stella & Dot Jewelry

I am wearing the Starlett again this evening! Paired with a plaid top under an oversized black sweater and distressed denim!

Stella & Dot Jewelry

I’m switching things up today….
Today I paired the Chiara Pendant Necklace with a BB Dakota Peasant top and Mavi rose colored denim….both the top and jeans are from House of Bluez in Evansville, Indiana….be sure and check them out!!
Jodi is amazing at helping pick out things you may not have thought about yourself.
A direct link to purchase the necklace:


Stella & Dot Jewelry

This Stella & Dot Starlett Pearl Necklace really glams up and adds some feminism to this graphic muscle tee….I also chose to wear my pearls from the starburst ear jacket.
Both the necklace and the earrings can be worn 4 different ways to achieve 4 different looks
A direct link to purchase the necklace:
A direct link to purchase the earrings:


Stella & Dot Jewelry

paired the Freya necklace with a plain graphic tee and distressed black denim….off to the doctor this momma goes with a boy complaining of an ear infection… The Freya can be worn 4 different ways. #raisingmytribe #stella&dot To purchase click the link below:


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My Pregnancy Journey- 6 Weeks Pregnant

October 21, 2015

My Pregnancy Journey – 6 Weeks Pregnant

Nausea, Nausea, Nausea. Oh and did I mention Nausea?  Another tough week, but lets check in and see what this little nugget(s) are up too!Sweet-pea8

What is happening inside your body at 6 weeks: 
• Baby is circulating blood with their increasingly more sophisticated circulatory system.
• Baby is now measurable at .25″ and is as big as a sweet pea
• Baby is starting to sprout a nose, eyes, ears, chin and cheeks
• Baby might even be wiggling their (paddle-like) hands and feet!

My pregnancy symptoms week 6:
It is a DAILY struggle to find something to eat. Or find something that doesn’t make me nauseous. Oh and when I do find something to eat, I get half way done with it and then I can no longer eat it anymore, or the next day. I am running out of fast food options! I still can not go into the kitchen without getting nauseous. Don’t know if I mentioned this before but around 5pm (when I get off work) I AM STARVING!!! Which makes me feel nauseous. LOL! If you can’t tell I complain a lot about being nauseous and hungry all the time. Don’t really have any other symptoms this week, havn’t been peeing a lot. I think that is because drinking a lot of water also makes me nauseous. I’m working on this situation so I do not become dehydrated!

What to eat during Week 6:
This book that I am reading “What to eat when you’re pregnant” suggest eating Beets this week.  This book is a great source for what is going on in your body at every week as well as letting you know what food is best for the baby during that week. It then gives you a recipe for that food item! I of course can not stand the sight of vegetables right now, so I got one of those juices from the grocery store that have beet juice in them. Then I mixed with the Pom Hula drink.


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My Pregnancy Journey – 5 Weeks Pregnant

October 21, 2015

My Pregnancy Journey – 5 Weeks Pregnant

This week has been a ROUGH week! We meet with our nurse practitioner and they confirmed the pregnancy! Just a very basic meeting saying what you can do and what you can’t do. Our next apt (around 10 weeks) we will get an ultrasound! But lets check in and see what this little nugget(s) are up too!
What is happening inside your body at 5 weeks: 
• Baby is starting to form major organs (heart, stomach, liver, kidney) and systems (digestive, circulatory and nervous)
• Baby is now measurable at a wee .13 inches and in the next week the baby will almost double in size!
• Baby is as big as an Appleseed!


My pregnancy symptoms week 5:
Turns out I can no longer exercise. I know that they say that exercise is good for the baby and for you but the days that I have gone to the gym to walk are the nights that I have the worst back pain.  Back pain controlled the first half of the week until I discovered that when I don’t workout I don’t have the pain. So for now I am taking it easy on the exercise and might try to add it back next week (or in 2 weeks). A slow digestive system is really tough this week as well! Then the next half of the week the nausea really hit me hard. I’m talking about nauseous all day long. I never threw up. I am trying to hold off on that as long as possible because I feel like I won’t be able to stop if I start. I can no longer step foot in our kitchen as just being in that room makes me nauseous. My poor husband hasn’t had a home cooked meal in about a week. Along with the nausea, I have no taste for food at all. Nothing tastes good and nothing sounds good. I ate a lot of plain noodles with butter and Cheerios. I did get spinach noodles thinking that at least I’m getting something. I am able to eat when we go out to eat and so we did that so I can get some red meat. Another symptom that came around starting Saturday is that I am constantly hungry. It is probably one of the worst feelings (even above the nausea). I literally ate a big bowl of Cheerios and then once I put the bowl away and sat down again my stomach growled and acted like I hadn’t ate in days. It did make me break down and cry because nothing sounded good to eat but yet I was so hungry. I did get some plain almonds and I have been snacking on those. My mom (who is a nurse) told me that protein lasts longer than carbs. Almonds are also a good choice for a snack and they really don’t have a taste so they don’t make me sick. I did finally pick up some of those Sea Bands and they have significantly helped. I finally lost that bloat and can fit back into my jeans!  Can’t wait to see what happens next week….

What to eat during Week 5:
This book that I am reading “What to eat when you’re pregnant” suggest eating Asparagus this week.  This book is a great source for what is going on in your body at every week as well as letting you know what food is best for the baby during that week. It then gives you a recipe for that food item! I of course could not stand being in my kitchen so we did go out to eat two places that I could get some asparagus cooked for me!


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Trying out HelloFresh Meals

August 19, 2015
HelloFresh Meal Review

Trying out HelloFresh Meals

I am one of those people that work 45 min away from home and the last thing I want to do when I get back into town is go to the grocery store and then come home and cook. When that does happen… I’m not done cooking until 7:30pm. That is just too late for dinner when I go to be around 9:30pm! I decided to try one of those “Meal delivery services.” I looked into blue apron but I wasn’t impressed with their menu. I decided to go with HelloFresh cause their meals looked “healthier” and yummier!

HelloFresh Meal ReviewMy 1st 3 meals arrived to my door today in a box that had icepacks in it to keep the items cool. All the meals came in a separate box and then the meat is separate. It makes it pretty easy to tell which meal is what.
HelloFresh Meal Review

For the purpose of this test, I will review the Seared Steak and Creamy Chipotle Pan-Sauce meal. As advertised, all the ingredients come fresh, with the one exception of the poblano peppers which come in a can.

The instructions say that the meal would take about 40 min to make. I found that it took around 45.
Lets get down to what you really want to know.
HelloFresh Meal Review HelloFresh Meal Review
HelloFresh Meal ReviewHelloFresh Meal Review
HelloFresh Meal ReviewHelloFresh Meal ReviewHelloFresh Meal Review

The bad:
• At $10.75 per person/per meal it can be a pricier option, but you are paying for the convenience. Especially for no left overs
• Fresh ingredients are good, but you spend a lot of time cutting up the ingredients and dirty a lot of dishes in the process
• The recipe calls for you to take the skin off of the potato, if you don’t have the right tool to do this you could be at a loss

The good:
• A new recipe that I have never tried
• Didn’t have to go to the grocery store
• Fresh ingredients
• A good balance of veggies and meat
• Great flavor

Review from Husband- “I like it, it’s definitely something different. Is it my new favorite meal? No, but I’d give it an 8.5. I really like it”

Would I buy it again: Yes, for the convenience and to try a new recipe.

If you would like to give HelloFresh a try, enter promo code “S92LD3” during checkout and get $40 off your first box of 3 meals!

Then let me know how you like it!