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What I’m Loving This Week

What I'm Loving This Week

What I’m Loving This Week

July 5, 2015
What I'm Loving This Week

What I’m Loving This Week

1. Jose Frakich Fitness
Voted the #1 trainer in the WORLD. I just signed up for the 12 weeks custom workout plan! The workout plan was $49 for 12 weeks. I am excited to see the transformation. Get more information here:

2. Black and Cream Diamond Rug
I am loving this rug for the kitchen! It is from Magnolia Homes (AKA Fixer Up a HGTV show). This 2×3 rug is $85. You can buy this rug here:

3. Ashley Olsen’s beach wavy hair
I pretty much love anything Mary Kate and Ashley! This week I have been really loving this beachy hair. To get this look, get a spray bottle and fill it with a sea salt/water mixture (to mimic the ocean). This helps create those beachy waves without getting the crunchy curl. Or, you can try this product, Oribe to get the look! Here are another 25 ways to create this look:

4. Stylestalker Auspicious Shorts- Floral & The Fifth All Stars Top in Parchment from Esther Boutique 
One of my favorite shops that never disappoints is Esther Boutique located in Australia. This week, I am loving this summer style shorts and top.

5. West Elm’s Jute Wrapped Floor Mirror
I just bought this wall mirror this past week! It already has been delivered and is now apart of my Master Bedroom. This mirror is on Sale right now at West Elm here:||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_–_-

6. West Elm’s John Vogel Teak Lounger
I am loving this lounger, also from West Elm. How perfect would this be by the pool and a margarita in your hand? It is on Sale right now at $599.99. You can check it out here:||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_–_-

7. Bananas! 
I can’t stop eating them this week. I love to dip the bites in Peanut butter! This is my mid-morning snack!

8. NextDoor
This is a website that I stumbled upon. It is really neat if you live in a neighborhood in a city. You sign up and then you are connected to other people in the neighborhood. As well as with the local police department. You can post about classifieds, crime & safety, documents, free items, lost and found, general, and recommendations! I just posted some dog pens that I wanted to give away. Hopefully someone comes and picks them up today!