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My Pregnancy Journey- 16 Weeks

November 29, 2015

My Pregnancy Journey- 16 Weeks

Thanksgiving week! What a great time to be a) pregnant and b) in the second trimester! Lately, I have been getting morning sickness basically every day which is weird cause I didn’t have that the first trimester. So it has been a pain trying to figure out what to eat for breakfast. Heartburn has also been an issue with me lately and nothing seems to work very well. But I did enjoy avacadoThanksgiving feasting on all of the food and not feeling guilty about it!

What’s the Baby up to This Week:
• Baby is as big as a Avocado
• Baby’s listening to your voice, thanks to tiny bones forming in his or her ears.
• Baby’s growing hair, lashes and eyebrows.
• And baby’s forming taste buds



I’ve also started to do my baby registry. I found a great website called Babylist that allows you to link or incorporate everything you want from multiple website including Etsy! Here are some of the things that I have added to my registry:

The Deluxe dock is the ultimate docking station for your baby ages 0-8 months old. Multifunctional and multitasking, the Dockatot™ Deluxe offers a safe and comfy spot that lets baby rest, lounge, play, cuddle, do tummy time and get diaper changes. Deluxe docks are lightweight and portable, allowing for easy travel. Additional covers are available for purchase to match your mood, room and style.

The MILK SNOB™ Cover was designed with you and your baby in mind. – Use as nursing cover, car seat cover or shopping cart cover. – Offers 360 coverage. – The stylish way to protect your child against harsh sunlight, wind and unwanted onlookers when used as a car seat cover. – Modern and super easy to use. – Amazingly soft and airy. – 4 way stretch allows for a custom fit on any infant car seat. – New Moms love to receive it as a baby shower gift.

Diaper Clutch, Herringbone Fabric, Aqua, Small Diaper Bag, Modern Print

Gray & White Elephants Travel Changing Pad for Babies

Sup Cuz Bodysuit or Tee

Two Gender Neutral Mint Baby Burp Cloths in Arrow and Minky, Baby Arrow Burp Cloth by BizyBelle

With natural colors, textures and forms, the mimijumi baby bottle provides the perfect complement to breastfeeding and the best possible transition to bottle feeding. The innovative nipple design replicates a mother’s breast, creating a natural feeding and latching experience for a happier and healthier bottle fed baby. Bold colors and soft textures are combined to give the Very Hungry bottle a distinctive, eye-catching appearance.



My Pregnancy Journey – 14/15 Weeks

November 21, 2015
15 weeks baby bump

My Pregnancy Journey – 14/15 Weeks

I had to write these two weeks together because I was sick with the stomach bug and a cold. So these two weeks have been pretty rough to say the least. However, I did get to go to the doctor and got to listen to the heartbeat. The doctor said it was a strong 140 bpm. I was also worried cause it was hurting me to lay on my side when I was sleeping and I didn’t want to hurt the baby. The doctor reassured me that it was still safe to me to sleep on my back. She said by the time that it was unsafe it would most likely be uncomfortable.

Of course, statistically speaking they say 120-140 is a boy and 140-160 is a girl. Our baby is making it about impossible to predict the sex until we see the baby’s face around May 6th.

Gender determination prenatal heartbeatGender determination prenatal heartbeat

Gender determination prenatal heartbeat

After the attacks on Pairs, I decided to make sure my baby bump picture the French flag.

Now, I’m not gonna explain my pregnancy symptoms this week because I was sick and so don’t want to confuse the difference.
15 weeks baby bump

14 weeks pregnant

14 weeks pregnant

Baby at 14 Weeks:

• Baby is as big as a lemon
• Baby’s probably thumb sucking and wiggling his or her toes in there!
• Baby’s kidneys are making urine, and the liver and spleen are doing their jobs too.
• And Baby’s growing lanugo, a thin, peach-fuzz-like hair, all over – it’ll help keep the body warm!




15 weeks pregnant

15 weeks pregnant

Baby at 15 Weeks:
• Baby is as big as an orange
• You probably can’t feel it yet, but baby’s squirming a ton!
• Baby might even be hiccuping in there
• Baby’s making lots of progress: the joints and limbs can all move now


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Maternity Fashion Fall Essentials

November 20, 2015
Fall Maternity Fashion

Maternity Fashion Fall Essentials

If your like me and your “pre-pregnancy” pants were already tight, then you might be struggling with what pants to wear. I went out and bought a couple of the Jessica Simpson jeans that are super cute but they have that band that goes up and over your belly bump. However, at only 15 weeks I hardly have a good baby bump. That is when I discovered these amazing maternity jeans from ASOS. They have an expandable waist band at the hips that allow you to grow throughout your pregnancy. Also, on the inside of the waist band there are two buttons that allow you to shrink or expand the elastic. These jeans are so comfortable I’m gonna buy some more like them! These will also be perfect for that “POST-BABY” time when your regular jeans don’t fit but you don’t want to wear the other maternity pants.

Maternity Jeans

Mamalicious Ida Skinny Jegging – ASOS $58

Maternity Jeans

Mamalicious Ida Skinny Jegging – ASOS $58


Another one of my ASOS finds is their T-shirt packs that give you some essential shirts that you can easily pair with jackets and cardigans that you had pre-baby.

New Look Maternity 3 Pack Top - $36.00

New Look Maternity 3 Pack Top – $36.00

New Look Maternity T-Shirt 3 Pack - $29.00

New Look Maternity T-Shirt 3 Pack – $29.00

Here are some of my Top Fall Maternity Looks:


Fall Maternity Fashion

Fall Maternity Fashion- Dress– ASOS $47, Jacket– Jessica Simpson $69.99, Necklace– Stella & Dot $79, Boots– Aldo $140

Fall Maternity Look

Fall Maternity Look- Dress– TopShop $68, Boots– Kirstin Cavallarie $349, Necklace– Stella & Dot $69

Fall Maternity Fashion

Fall Maternity Look: Dress– ASOS $86, Boots– Jessica Simpson $99.99, Purse– ASOS $69, Necklace– Stella & Dot $138

Fall Maternity Look

Fall Maternity Look: Jeans– ASOS $58, Shirt– Topshop $40, Shoes– Lulu’s $43, Necklace– Stella & Dot $128


My Pregnancy Journey – 13 Weeks

November 9, 2015
13 Weeks Pregnant

My Pregnancy Journey- 13 Weeks

Last week of the 1st trimester!! Can’t wait to meet this little nugget. Josh and I are still on the path to not find out what the baby will be until Baby Ackerman is born! Luckily the nausea has gone down. But I still get hungry all the time and I don’t want to eat ANYTHING. For someone who used to love food this is very hard, especially when I know I have to eat. Side note: I do eat, a lot. It is just hard process.

Still driving home at 5pm (for my 1 hr commute) is very HARD. I get nauseous during that hour and by the time I get home I do not want to eat anything.

I’m already feeling in the “Nesting” mode and want to have the nursery all ready and done, but got to wait patiently on my slow husband! lol

What is happening to Baby Ackerman at 13 weeks: Peach
• Baby is as big as a Peach!
• Baby is forming vocal cords and teeth!
• Baby is still tiny but has fingerprints!
• Baby’s intestines are moving from the umbilical cord to their more permanent place,  in the tummy.
• Baby is 2.9″ long and weighs .81 oz.


My Pregnancy Journey – Week 12

November 1, 2015
12 Weeks Pregnant

My Pregnancy Journey- Week 12

This week started off with a big ole cold! My throat was really sore on Sunday and so I went to the doctor’s on Monday just to make sure it wasn’t strep.

What got me through this week was Benadryl and Tylenol. Also, to help with the congestion and nausea, my mother suggest getting some peppermint oil. They were out of the peppermint oil so I got peppermint flavoring in the baking isle. Then I got the sink water steaming hot and wetted a wash cloth and poured some of the peppermint flavor on it. The peppermint along with the steam opened up my sinuses so that I could actually breathe.

Luckily that was one of the fasted colds I ever had because I was feeling pretty good by Thursday. But, then an entire new wave of nausea came over me and it is like it was in the beginning where nothing sounds good to eat, nothing tastes good, everything makes me sick, etc. Next week will be my last week in the first trimester and I hope it gets better.

I also had big plans of returning to the gym this week, but that didn’t happen. Hopefully  I will this week! I just got to get my lazy butt up in the morning!

Baby at 12 Weeks: plum-300

  1. Baby is as big as a Plum
  2. Baby is about 2.1″ long and weighs around 0.49
  3. Most of baby’s critical systems are fully formed!
  4. Baby’s about to enter the growth and maturation stage, in which organs and tissues will grow and develop rapidly (maybe this is the cause of the big bout of nausea)
  5. Baby’s now developing reflexes – if you poke his or her body you’ll likely see movement (on an ultrasound)
  6. Baby’s opening and closing fingers and curling toes too!
  7. Baby’s brain is developing fast



My Pregnancy Journey- Surprise 11 weeks!

October 22, 2015
Baby at 11 Weeks

My Pregnancy Journey- Surprise 11 weeks!

We had are first ultrasound today on Baby Ackerman! Where we got a surprise because the baby actually measured at 11 weeks 4 days (by medical standards we were at 10 weeks 2 days) So it looks like we got a big baby! Yes, only 1 baby!

We were able to see its face and its little leg! It even kicked a few times and jumped up, it was amazing to see this!

Baby at 11 Weeks Baby at 11 Weeks

So that changes our due date from our Wedding Anniversary to May 6th, 2016!

The nausea has gone done significantly BUT, if I don’t eat any protein for breakfast or if I get too hungry the nausea comes back. ALSO, I get sick if I ride in a vehicle after I eat.

Also I found out that my uterus tips backwards and that was what was causing all the pain early in pregnancy. My doctor said that it happens in about 20% of women and that its not a concern because pretty soon my uterus would take up that entire area.

We decided to announce it on Facebook that night and since it was so close to Halloween that we decided to go with our little Monster is coming soon!

Here’s the post:
Our Little Monster Coming Soon


My Pregnancy Journey – 7 Weeks Pregnant

October 21, 2015

CF150951_DefaultMy Pregnancy Journey – 7 Weeks Pregnant

This week has been another ROUGH week! They (all the moms I know) keep telling me that this will soon pass but right now it doesn’t feel that way! This week I did create my chalkboard for my Facebook announcement that we will do after we go get the ultrasound on October 20th (just to be sure). It took me over an hour to write “Our Little Monster Coming Soon”. I definitely do not have my sister’s chalkboard writing skills! We will announce it using that chalkboard and Fall decorations. I also got these cute monster boots from Carter’s in a pink and green to tag along with them! I thought that would be a perfect way to announce it around Halloween! My mom, however, does not like me calling him/her a monster! LOL. We have also come up with some names that we like this week. I’m still in love with Harrison Lee for a boy and the new one we like is Mackenzie Lynn for a girl and call her Mickey!

Lets check in and see what this little nugget(s) are up too!

What is happening inside your body at 7 weeks: 
• Baby is generating about one hundred new brain cells each minute!
• Baby’s heart is also becoming more complex
• Also important: Baby is developing a permanent set of kidneys
• Baby’s arm and leg joints are now forming
• Baby is .51″ and the size of a Blueberry!

My pregnancy symptoms week 7:
Still nauseous. I have gotten a lot more tired this week than I was in the past. I’ve been going to be around 8:30 every night. However, this does cause me to wake up naturally a little earlier. I still have not made it back to the gym yet. I did go on a small walk this week with my husband and dog and I thought I was about to die lol I was so tired! I also started getting headaches this week that I think are tension headaches because I feel it mostly around my head/neck area. So I discovered the prenatal gummy vitamins that one of my friends recommended to me a while ago and I have been able to stomach those! HOWEVER, I did not realize until the last day of my 7th week that you are supposed to take 2 Gummies a DAY! Ugh, I felt like a horrible mother already but my mom assured me that my baby was going to be fine! (Let’s hope she’s right!)

What to eat during Week 7:
This book that I am reading “What to eat when you’re pregnant” suggest eating  this week.  This book is a great source for what is going on in your body at every week as well as letting you know what food is best for the baby during that week. It then gives you a recipe for that food item!



Safe Medicine to Take While Pregnant

October 21, 2015


In my Pregnancy packet that my doctor gave me, here are some of the approved medicines that are safe to take during pregnancy. Of course, I would recommend you talk to your doctor but this was put out by my hospital.

-Try to increase your fluid intake and get more rests before taking medication. Sore throat and/or a cough can be relieved by throat lozenges or cough drops. If you don’t get any relief, try the following medications. If you develop a fever or any other symptoms of an infection, please contact your doctor.
• Afrin
• Sinutab
• Benadryl
• Theraflu
• Chlor-Trimetron
• Tylenol Products
• Comtrex
• Vicks Products
• Dristan Cold & Flu
• Sinutab
• Robitussin
• Sine-Off
• Vicks Formula 44

Nausea and/or Vomiting
-Try eating small meals every 2 hours. Avoid fatty and spicy foods. Herbal teas and starchy foods such as crackers, pasta, breads and rice can help. Use a medication off this list if there is no relief.
• Dramamine
• Emetrol
• Unisom
• Vitamin B-6

Body Aches/Pains
– Resting or taking a soothing bath may help relive minor aches and pains. If more relief is needed, you may use the following medications:
• Acetaminophen
• Tylenol

Heartburn may be relieved by eating small portions frequently rather than large meals. You should also avoid lying down immediately after eating. Spicy food or those containing caffeine may cause more discomfort and may need to be avoided. If heartburn is a problem after these measures, you may try the following:
• Tums
• Rolaids
• Maalox
• Mylanta
• Zantac
• Pepcid AC
• Prilosec

– One way to avoid constipation is to eat a diet full of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and plenty of fluids. The best natural laxative is to use prunes or prune juice. If you require medication, you can use the following form the list:
• Colace
• Fibercom
• Citrucel
• Dulcolax
• Surfak

One way to prevent hemorrhoids is to prevent constipation. However, some women still develop hemorrhoids during pregnancy. The following medications can be used for relief:
• Preparation H
• Anusol Cream
• Tronolane
• Nupercainal
• Tucs pads or cream

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My Pregnancy Journey- 6 Weeks Pregnant

October 21, 2015

My Pregnancy Journey – 6 Weeks Pregnant

Nausea, Nausea, Nausea. Oh and did I mention Nausea?  Another tough week, but lets check in and see what this little nugget(s) are up too!Sweet-pea8

What is happening inside your body at 6 weeks: 
• Baby is circulating blood with their increasingly more sophisticated circulatory system.
• Baby is now measurable at .25″ and is as big as a sweet pea
• Baby is starting to sprout a nose, eyes, ears, chin and cheeks
• Baby might even be wiggling their (paddle-like) hands and feet!

My pregnancy symptoms week 6:
It is a DAILY struggle to find something to eat. Or find something that doesn’t make me nauseous. Oh and when I do find something to eat, I get half way done with it and then I can no longer eat it anymore, or the next day. I am running out of fast food options! I still can not go into the kitchen without getting nauseous. Don’t know if I mentioned this before but around 5pm (when I get off work) I AM STARVING!!! Which makes me feel nauseous. LOL! If you can’t tell I complain a lot about being nauseous and hungry all the time. Don’t really have any other symptoms this week, havn’t been peeing a lot. I think that is because drinking a lot of water also makes me nauseous. I’m working on this situation so I do not become dehydrated!

What to eat during Week 6:
This book that I am reading “What to eat when you’re pregnant” suggest eating Beets this week.  This book is a great source for what is going on in your body at every week as well as letting you know what food is best for the baby during that week. It then gives you a recipe for that food item! I of course can not stand the sight of vegetables right now, so I got one of those juices from the grocery store that have beet juice in them. Then I mixed with the Pom Hula drink.


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My Pregnancy Journey – 5 Weeks Pregnant

October 21, 2015

My Pregnancy Journey – 5 Weeks Pregnant

This week has been a ROUGH week! We meet with our nurse practitioner and they confirmed the pregnancy! Just a very basic meeting saying what you can do and what you can’t do. Our next apt (around 10 weeks) we will get an ultrasound! But lets check in and see what this little nugget(s) are up too!
What is happening inside your body at 5 weeks: 
• Baby is starting to form major organs (heart, stomach, liver, kidney) and systems (digestive, circulatory and nervous)
• Baby is now measurable at a wee .13 inches and in the next week the baby will almost double in size!
• Baby is as big as an Appleseed!


My pregnancy symptoms week 5:
Turns out I can no longer exercise. I know that they say that exercise is good for the baby and for you but the days that I have gone to the gym to walk are the nights that I have the worst back pain.  Back pain controlled the first half of the week until I discovered that when I don’t workout I don’t have the pain. So for now I am taking it easy on the exercise and might try to add it back next week (or in 2 weeks). A slow digestive system is really tough this week as well! Then the next half of the week the nausea really hit me hard. I’m talking about nauseous all day long. I never threw up. I am trying to hold off on that as long as possible because I feel like I won’t be able to stop if I start. I can no longer step foot in our kitchen as just being in that room makes me nauseous. My poor husband hasn’t had a home cooked meal in about a week. Along with the nausea, I have no taste for food at all. Nothing tastes good and nothing sounds good. I ate a lot of plain noodles with butter and Cheerios. I did get spinach noodles thinking that at least I’m getting something. I am able to eat when we go out to eat and so we did that so I can get some red meat. Another symptom that came around starting Saturday is that I am constantly hungry. It is probably one of the worst feelings (even above the nausea). I literally ate a big bowl of Cheerios and then once I put the bowl away and sat down again my stomach growled and acted like I hadn’t ate in days. It did make me break down and cry because nothing sounded good to eat but yet I was so hungry. I did get some plain almonds and I have been snacking on those. My mom (who is a nurse) told me that protein lasts longer than carbs. Almonds are also a good choice for a snack and they really don’t have a taste so they don’t make me sick. I did finally pick up some of those Sea Bands and they have significantly helped. I finally lost that bloat and can fit back into my jeans!  Can’t wait to see what happens next week….

What to eat during Week 5:
This book that I am reading “What to eat when you’re pregnant” suggest eating Asparagus this week.  This book is a great source for what is going on in your body at every week as well as letting you know what food is best for the baby during that week. It then gives you a recipe for that food item! I of course could not stand being in my kitchen so we did go out to eat two places that I could get some asparagus cooked for me!