My Pregnancy Journey – 7 Weeks Pregnant

October 21, 2015

CF150951_DefaultMy Pregnancy Journey – 7 Weeks Pregnant

This week has been another ROUGH week! They (all the moms I know) keep telling me that this will soon pass but right now it doesn’t feel that way! This week I did create my chalkboard for my Facebook announcement that we will do after we go get the ultrasound on October 20th (just to be sure). It took me over an hour to write “Our Little Monster Coming Soon”. I definitely do not have my sister’s chalkboard writing skills! We will announce it using that chalkboard and Fall decorations. I also got these cute monster boots from Carter’s in a pink and green to tag along with them! I thought that would be a perfect way to announce it around Halloween! My mom, however, does not like me calling him/her a monster! LOL. We have also come up with some names that we like this week. I’m still in love with Harrison Lee for a boy and the new one we like is Mackenzie Lynn for a girl and call her Mickey!

Lets check in and see what this little nugget(s) are up too!

What is happening inside your body at 7 weeks: 
• Baby is generating about one hundred new brain cells each minute!
• Baby’s heart is also becoming more complex
• Also important: Baby is developing a permanent set of kidneys
• Baby’s arm and leg joints are now forming
• Baby is .51″ and the size of a Blueberry!

My pregnancy symptoms week 7:
Still nauseous. I have gotten a lot more tired this week than I was in the past. I’ve been going to be around 8:30 every night. However, this does cause me to wake up naturally a little earlier. I still have not made it back to the gym yet. I did go on a small walk this week with my husband and dog and I thought I was about to die lol I was so tired! I also started getting headaches this week that I think are tension headaches because I feel it mostly around my head/neck area. So I discovered the prenatal gummy vitamins that one of my friends recommended to me a while ago and I have been able to stomach those! HOWEVER, I did not realize until the last day of my 7th week that you are supposed to take 2 Gummies a DAY! Ugh, I felt like a horrible mother already but my mom assured me that my baby was going to be fine! (Let’s hope she’s right!)

What to eat during Week 7:
This book that I am reading “What to eat when you’re pregnant” suggest eating  this week.  This book is a great source for what is going on in your body at every week as well as letting you know what food is best for the baby during that week. It then gives you a recipe for that food item!


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