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Spring Peony and Magnolia Arrangement

March 23, 2017
Spring Peony and Magnolia Arrangement

Spring Peony and Magnolia Arrangement

I have a love affair with peonies. I just want them in my house year around. I have about 5 peony bushes at my home. Ants are the ones that eat at the peony bushes and that is what makes the flowers open up. Therefore, it never fails when I try and have fresh peony flowers from my garden I also get those pesky ants.

I decided to go with a faux peony arrangement this year. Looked online and everything was so expensive so I decided to make one myself!

Found flowers on and the quality looked good so I decided to give them a try.

Here is my arrangement:Spring Peony and Magnolia Arrangement

These are the flowers you would need to create this look:
Spring Peony Arrangement
1 | 2 | 3 | 4

I used 3 Lambs ear, 2 of the Magnolia branches and 1 of each peonies bunches.
The vase I got in 2015 from Pottery Barn. You can get a similar one here

• I cut the peonies off their “base” using wire cutters. (I purchased wire cutters at Lowes)
• I use plastic cups to hole my arrangement in vases (that aren’t glass). They will hold you arrangements pretty good and you can adjust the height of your arrangement by adding/subtracting cups!

Spring Peony and Magnolia Arrangement
• I put together the arrangement in my hand first to arrange it
• Cut off extra length that you don’t need



Not feeling the DIY? Here are some that you can purchase