My Pregnancy Journey- Surprise 11 weeks!

October 22, 2015
Baby at 11 Weeks

My Pregnancy Journey- Surprise 11 weeks!

We had are first ultrasound today on Baby Ackerman! Where we got a surprise because the baby actually measured at 11 weeks 4 days (by medical standards we were at 10 weeks 2 days) So it looks like we got a big baby! Yes, only 1 baby!

We were able to see its face and its little leg! It even kicked a few times and jumped up, it was amazing to see this!

Baby at 11 Weeks Baby at 11 Weeks

So that changes our due date from our Wedding Anniversary to May 6th, 2016!

The nausea has gone done significantly BUT, if I don’t eat any protein for breakfast or if I get too hungry the nausea comes back. ALSO, I get sick if I ride in a vehicle after I eat.

Also I found out that my uterus tips backwards and that was what was causing all the pain early in pregnancy. My doctor said that it happens in about 20% of women and that its not a concern because pretty soon my uterus would take up that entire area.

We decided to announce it on Facebook that night and since it was so close to Halloween that we decided to go with our little Monster is coming soon!

Here’s the post:
Our Little Monster Coming Soon

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