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My Pregnancy Journey – 5 Weeks Pregnant

October 21, 2015

My Pregnancy Journey – 5 Weeks Pregnant

This week has been a ROUGH week! We meet with our nurse practitioner and they confirmed the pregnancy! Just a very basic meeting saying what you can do and what you can’t do. Our next apt (around 10 weeks) we will get an ultrasound! But lets check in and see what this little nugget(s) are up too!
What is happening inside your body at 5 weeks: 
• Baby is starting to form major organs (heart, stomach, liver, kidney) and systems (digestive, circulatory and nervous)
• Baby is now measurable at a wee .13 inches and in the next week the baby will almost double in size!
• Baby is as big as an Appleseed!


My pregnancy symptoms week 5:
Turns out I can no longer exercise. I know that they say that exercise is good for the baby and for you but the days that I have gone to the gym to walk are the nights that I have the worst back pain.  Back pain controlled the first half of the week until I discovered that when I don’t workout I don’t have the pain. So for now I am taking it easy on the exercise and might try to add it back next week (or in 2 weeks). A slow digestive system is really tough this week as well! Then the next half of the week the nausea really hit me hard. I’m talking about nauseous all day long. I never threw up. I am trying to hold off on that as long as possible because I feel like I won’t be able to stop if I start. I can no longer step foot in our kitchen as just being in that room makes me nauseous. My poor husband hasn’t had a home cooked meal in about a week. Along with the nausea, I have no taste for food at all. Nothing tastes good and nothing sounds good. I ate a lot of plain noodles with butter and Cheerios. I did get spinach noodles thinking that at least I’m getting something. I am able to eat when we go out to eat and so we did that so I can get some red meat. Another symptom that came around starting Saturday is that I am constantly hungry. It is probably one of the worst feelings (even above the nausea). I literally ate a big bowl of Cheerios and then once I put the bowl away and sat down again my stomach growled and acted like I hadn’t ate in days. It did make me break down and cry because nothing sounded good to eat but yet I was so hungry. I did get some plain almonds and I have been snacking on those. My mom (who is a nurse) told me that protein lasts longer than carbs. Almonds are also a good choice for a snack and they really don’t have a taste so they don’t make me sick. I did finally pick up some of those Sea Bands and they have significantly helped. I finally lost that bloat and can fit back into my jeans!  Can’t wait to see what happens next week….

What to eat during Week 5:
This book that I am reading “What to eat when you’re pregnant” suggest eating Asparagus this week.  This book is a great source for what is going on in your body at every week as well as letting you know what food is best for the baby during that week. It then gives you a recipe for that food item! I of course could not stand being in my kitchen so we did go out to eat two places that I could get some asparagus cooked for me!


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