Master Bedroom Decor

July 18, 2015
Love bedroom Blue decor

Master Bedroom Decor

Getting into this married routine can be a little bit challenging. But, I am loving decorating our home and making it ours! Some things since we bought them are no longer available but I have found similar items!

Love Master Bedroom Decor
Wall Decor:

“LOVE Metal Marquee Sign Light” found here on ETSY. I also used this as a decoration in our wedding!
Love Metal Marquee Sign LightLove Metal Marquee Sign Light

Bed Frame:
I got the bed frame from West Elm, my favorite shop! Unfortunately, this on is no longer available but here is a similar Nailhead Upholstered Headboard
Tall Nailhead Upholstered Headboard

We went on Black Friday and got a mattress from Sleep Number. People either love or hate their sleep number, WE LOVE OURS!

Duvet Cover:
The duvet cover we got from Pottery Barn is no longer available, but I found this one that is similar from Pottery Barn
Blue Duvet Cover
Mr. & Mrs. Pillow
Got these Mrs and Mr. Pillow from Hobby Lobby. We also used these in our wedding as decorations! We also used them at our friends wedding as well.
Mrs. PillowMr. Pillow





Wedding Decorations Wedding Decorations










Safavieh Nailhead Tufted ”X” Bench
My mom bought us one of these benches for Christmas and then I got another one to use it in front of the bed! It also works as a great stepping stone for our dog to get up on the bed. These nailhead bench comes from Kohls.
Safavieh Nailhead Tufted ''X'' BenchStudded Bench in front of bed

Rugs:Fireplace mantel
Got the Diamond colorful rug from my Grandma. It is a handmade Navajo Rug. The shaggy sheep rug came from Amazon.


I found an antique wooden fireplace that would stand up by itself. Then I put candles that I got from Target in the fireplace. This fireplace was actually bought to be used as a altar in our wedding but it also fit perfectly in our bedroom!
Side Table:
I got the wood from an old barn that we have. I bleached the wood to kill anything on it. Then stained it black. The legs came from Hairpin Legs online.

Side Table with laundry baskets

Laundry Baskets:
Under the side table we have 3 laundry baskets that are for light, darks and towels. These baskets came from Target. And they come with a little chalkboard on the front and you can write “Lights, Darks and Towels” on them so your hubby knows which basket to put his clothes in. FYI: Do not put wet towels in the baskets. They will mildew.
Laundry BasketsSide table with laundry baskets

Wall Mirror:
Got this beauty from WestElm.
Floor Mirror from West Elm



grey and blue master bedroom

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